Sunday, September 6, 2015

Have a couple thing to share

I do not know if I ever shared these with you but thought it would be a good time with fall coming and school here. It might be fun to add some pencils to your cards. posted this card last year or so. But did not share how to make the pencils.

How to make Tiny Pencils to add to your cards for an embellishment

Notice the little pencils on the card. I did a tutorial on how to make them.

These are the copic colors I used to color the tooth picks. YR15, R05, black and E39, You need round tooth picks, cut in half,  and a silver pen if you have one. I have a pencil here so you can see one.

I used a clipper to cut them in half.

Then colored the just the middle with YR15.

Carefully make the led by adding just a little black to the pointed tip of the tooth pick. Making sure you leave some tooth pick not colored between the led (black) and the YR15.

On the other end file it down a little so it is smooth and now add the R05 for the eraser end. If you want to add some silver ink between the R05 and YR15 as you can see the silver on the pencil. All done! Small embellishment to add to your card.

Sometimes you feel like a NUT, Sometime you don't!
Template and my card. If you click on the picture you can save as and copy the template.

Here is the link to How to make little pumpkins.


Enjoy! If you have any questions just ask!