Monday, August 3, 2015

Gelli Art

I have been having a lot of fun with something called Gelli Art, maybe you have already heard about it but maybe you have not. I wanted to share with you some of the thing you can do with this Geiil plate.
These are the things I used to create my art papers. Any kind of Acrylic paint and  baby whips and hand sanitizers for cleaning the plate after you are done playing with it. Any kind of templates that give you the design you want or you can us things from around the house that make different designs in the paint.
Brayer to apply the paint to the Gelli plate.
This is what the Gelli plate looks like.
You apply your cardstock to the plate. It sticks nicely. I would say you do not need to use any special kind of paper. I used the cardstock you get at Sam’s Club.
Just squeeze the paint on to the plate and take the brayer and spread it around.
Take a close look (click on the picture and it will get big). I added a plastic plate to the top.

Here I added another color and I used some toilet roll and made some circles on the plate. At this point you would add your cardstock and pull it off.  You need to let the ink dry and that depends on how much paint you added to the plate. These are a couple more designs I made and colors.



This one I added some sparkle paint to the cardstock. It is totally up to you what you add to the paint or what you add to the design.

These sheets I added some drops of Acrylic paint and did not spread the paint around much. I found that you could add more cardstock to the Gelli plate that still had paint on it and just add a little different colors as you can see on the upper right side sheet. You can really go crazy with the colors, I was having so much fun.

I started to make some flowers with one of the sheets of paper. These are some more colors I put together. I was going to try adding some colors with sponging colors around in the white areas that would match the sheets.



I made these little spiders, thought would be fun for a Halloween card by using some of my circle punches. Used the scalloped punch to be able to add the legs out from the body, you can see I mastered it a little better as I got to the last one, went up about 1/4 inch and down about 1/2 inch and added a dot on the end. Tried some different mouths, eyes and noses on each of them.




How fun are these to make? Hope you enjoyed my tutorial? You can do so much and the creativity is endless. Can not wait to see what you can do! Thanks for stopping.