Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Card Holder and it could be much more.


card holder bag

At FOR FUN Challenges this week is to make a card holder. All this is a paper bag. Wonderful Card Holders and even Gift Bags. The cost is almost nothing to make the card holder and you can make it to hold and size cards you want. This one I made to hold my 5” by 7” cards. I do make a lot of cards that size. The standard size sandwich bag you get at the store is good for the 5 1/2” by 4 1/4” cards. So we would love for you to join us at FOR FUN Challenges this week. We would love to see what you make.

card holder bag side

Here is a side view of the bag. I use heavy card stock on my card or gift bags it makes them much stronger. I did add some embellishments for today but if it is for me I do not usually do that but I use these all the time. I decorated this one different on the other side.

card holder bag 

I used stampin up punch to punch a handle on the top. You can embellish it any way you want. If you have something else that will work for making a handle that wonderful. One thing when you punch the handle make sure the ends of the bag are pulled out on both sides because you could punch the ends it they are inward, you want to keep the edges away from the punch.

card holder bag left

You also could leave the bag long and decorate the lower half use one border punch on the top of the bag to make it look fancy and fold it over toward the front and this way it will seals the bag for a gift bag. You can use a punch add some ribbon and tie it closed. Just have fun and make it your creation. You even could cut the card stock wider on top and a little smaller on the bottom and see if you can get it to look like a flower pot. 

card holder bag inside

The Card Holder holds a lot of cards. Just to give you some more ideas you can do with this. I also make them as garbage bags and carry the bags in my small craft bag when I go to some ones house. This way I have some place to put my garbage in and it folds up real small in my craft bag. All you do is measure the size of your bag and cut the card stock about 1/2 inch bigger on each end, now the length is up to you if you want it to be for standard size cards and remember do you want the cards standing up or on the sides so what you decide measure up and I would add a couple inches so you have room for your handle. Glue or tape the card stock to the bag, now that can be a little tricky. On the one side it is fine because the bags lays flat so line up your card stock with the bottom and tape it down. The other side is not as easy because you need to fold down the flap and it will not lay straight and do not make it. Just go ahead and tape your card stock right along that edge because when it opens it will all stand up perfect. I went down to our Card Store, it has all kinds of stuff for having parties and I found some white paper bags. Also they had bags much nicer ones in all kinds of colors but I did not want to pay what the store wanted for those bags. Maybe some day when I have to make a gift bag.

Thanks for stopping by. I you have any questions just let me know. Have a great day.

Hugs, Patricia