Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Love scenery cards, stop by and take a look.

As Fall draws near

I call this card “As Fall draws near”.

I do not know about you but I do love to do scenery cards. If you have seen my sponge card I did (March 2010 on my blog) these cards are not in any way like them. I will explain to you how I did the cards, as I show you the cards. First of all most of the stamps I used are from stampscapes, that is a name of a stamp company. Stampscapes email is you will spend hours looking at what they have to offer.  I do use other stamps but I do not remember what company they are from. The ink I used is Marvy Matchables dye ink. This is also done on glossy paper only.

A walk in the woods

I call this card “A walk in the woods”.

After you have stamped your scene with StaZon Permanent Black ink. You need to find a focal point on your card, something you want to draw your eye to or you want to high light. Stampscapes has what is called a Tonal Applicator. It is an extension on sponging. Helps control light though the use of shadows, blends colors, and glazes your scene.Cabin in the woods

This one I call “ A cabin in the woods”.

Can pick out were I have pick my focal points?  The Tonal Applicator is a stamp that is pear shaped so it gives you some control in were you want to put the colors. Tap the Tonal Applicator LIGHTLY and in a condensed manner to achieve a spectrum of blended colors. ALWAYS start with your lightest colors and most of the time you will want that to be your focal point and you can have more than one focal point and by using your Applicator by tapping LIGHTLY the color in a condensed manner to achieve a spectrum of blender colors.As the sun goes down This card I call “ As the sun goes down”.

One things that is nice look at the shy’s, I mean really look at the sky! They are so many different colors. I live in Wisconsin. I have been to Arizona, Texas, Michigan, will I think you get the point the sky so stunning and so many colors no matter were you are. Keep your eyes open and remember. Then also the sky’s are different in the summer, winter, fall, spring, when it rains, any kind of change in weather. 

The sun raise is so beautiful

I call “The Sun raise is so beautiful”.

You always have to use glossy paper. This will not work on matt paper and you need to use dye inks. DO NOT USE PIGMENT INKS.

As the storm leaves 

This one I call “AS the storm leaves”.Those sun sets  

This one I call “The Sun Sets are always different”.

It take a little practice but work with your colors and the Applicator. What is nice about the Applicator is you can get into places you never thought you could get into and it really blends the colors wonderfully. One of the key things is tap lightly because if you tap to hard you will make marks in your paper. Thought I would share this with you as it is another way of designing and creating cards. If some day you would like to try something like this, it is different and the cards can be stunning. They are wonderful for a manly card. I hope you have enjoyed this. Have a wonderful week end.

Happy Creating and Designing.

Hugs, Patricia x x x