Friday, May 28, 2010

Here it is; Tutorial How to make a TENT CARD.

(9)My Truck

This is an images from Fred she said. They have wonderful images. Although I say that about everyone but they do. This images is called "my truck".

Things that you will need to make your card.

1-12"x12" or 2-8 1/2" x 11" sheet heavy weight. Something to cut out the center of your card. Strong tape, scor-pal, paper cuter, lobster claws and rings I used size 7, I found these in the jewelry department. 1/8" hole punch. Then what ever embellishments and different papers you want to add to your card.(1)cut 2 6x6 and 1 4x6

You need to cut 2-6" by 6"of card stock and 1-4" by 6". This can be created to any size you like.(2)scor pal 4x6

Score the 4"x 6" piece every 1"down the long side. This will create the bottom of the card. Fold in the mountain, valley, mountain, valley.

At this time if you are going to add a designed paper to the front of your card. I would glue it to the front. Remember when you cut out the front panel you are cutting though two pieces of paper, you want it to be centered and leave enough on the top and the bottom. Make sure whatever size you want to cut out in the front is a little bigger then the image you will be putting or hanging in the middle. You do not want to cut to close to the bottom so that when you put your card together you will see the folded piece on the bottom and you want to leave enough space on top so you can hang your image. (3)cut out middle

(4) tent card

After all that is done attach the smaller folded piece to the front and the back making sure it all aligns. You can glue or use a good tape so it will hold together. I hope you card looks like this.(6)punch holds

I punched two holes because my oval is a little long and I wanted it to balance. If I was hanging it long ways I would of used one and centered it. I put my rings in the card and my lobster claws in the oval (if you wanted you could used just rings).(5)image ready

So it looks like this and you can see I have a little space between my card and the oval. Behind the oval that is my friend Chris she is trying to stay out of the picture she has a lavender shirt on.(7)Tent card from side

All you have to do is add some glue or good tape to the top of the card and it is all done.(8)Tent card 1

I was at my friends house when I did this so I needed to go home and add some embellishments to it. CONGRATULATIONS You have made you first Tent Card. I sure hope you understand this, if not let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you.

Remember if you go down a little to Me and my Grandpa, I made another tent card. You can check that one out also.


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