Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry ChrisMoose…. Sharing some fun Christmas Sites and also some Remember when, thoughts from the past….

I think this is the best time to show you my tag for Squigglefly’s Challenge #77 for this week right after Emma Christmas Moose that she made. We need to make a tag with non traditional Christmas colors. So I made my moose gray with blue horns and it is raining out, brown star and he is sitting on durt. It was fun to make. As I was coloring him it was kind of hard because all colors are Christmas colors. We have all kinds of NEW images in the store this week. So if you would like to stop by just click here.
Now with being December 1, WOW!!! can you believe that, this year as all the other ones just fly by. As I did last year I shared with you some interesting craft sites that have great Christmas gift ideas, also so had FREE stuff, had templates, all kinds of goodies. I do hope you will find something that will help you this Christmas.
All Free Crafts, They have so much everything FREE things for making stuff for Santa, wreath, centerpiece, easy tree trims food gifts, gift wrapping, snowman, stocking, reindeer,snowflakes, elf's, Angels, Kids crafts. I’m sure you will fine some thing there.
When I was a child we lived in a small town maybe about 500 hundred people. We lived right next door to the skating rink. If I remember right I think my Dad took care of the rink and there was a little house where people could go inside and get warm. It was in Upper part of Michigan so I do remember always having a lot of snow. I also remember (I was the middle child) my brothers yelling at me to get out of the way because I wanted to help shovel but my Dad would say let her help if she wants.I new I made more work for my brothers then I was helping. You can NEVER have Christmas without snow and oh how beautiful it was. My Mom and Grandma we would get together to make all kinds of different cookies, sweet breads, breads, and pies. The house would smell so good. It was a feeling of something magical have happening season. People just seamed different for some reason. We would have things around the house that we normally would not have. People would stop by the we have not seen in some time and even people would come from out of town and visit.
We will some more next time and more good site to go to also. Have a wonderful day. Happy crafting everyone.
For Fun Challenge- Make something different

Hugs, Patricia ♥ ♥ ♥