Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emma and her butterfly card.

Emma card out side

Emma worked really hard on her card she wanted to make for Mommy, their was no special reason she just wanted to make her Mommy a card.  Personally I would not know where she would ever get that from but I understand. I had some card stock already cut out so she picked the colors she wanted for her card. Now you have to know Emma is 4 years old. After all she is her grandmothers grand daughter and we do this often together. I do have to tell you one of her main goals in life is that she want to be able to color like grandma does. She picked out the stamps she wanted to use. They said Love You, My heart belongs to you and Thinking of you. Of course she could not read then I did have to read what they said to her but those where the ones she wanted. She also wanted the butterfly punch and the two oval punches and she did punch everything out, a little much but that is what she wanted. Oh yes and she wanted ribbon and a bow.Emma card opened outside

Now if you look at the front of the card and she was placing everything where she wanted it to be and I then put tape on the back of the card stock and she put it on the card and I might say she did pretty good.  I did help her with putting the glue on the butterflies. As we where doing this I said to her I thought you wanted to put some ribbon and a bow on the card and she looks up at me and says grandma we will have to put it inside the card. So I told her if that is what you want we will do that. So I hope you can see the ribbon and bow and she picked a little flower and was holding it in her hand because she wanted that to go with the card for mommy. I do have to say I made the bow.Emma Card This is a close up of Emma's card and I did not think to get a close up of the inside.  I feel the butterflies are going to take off with that paper any second now. We had a lot of fun doing her card and we will be doing many more. As my little artist grows up I will be sharing her art work with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it with her.