Friday, November 4, 2011

A Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial

Merry Christmas
Before I get into the tutorial I made this card for The Outlawz Twisted Thursday Challenge that started yesterday. The challenge is FANCY FOLDS, it ends next Wednesday November 9th so if you can join us we would love to see your card. Some crafters may not know what origami means so I’m going to tell you, The Japanese art of folding paper to form flowers, animals, ect.
Merry Christmas flat
Here is a view with my card laying down.
Merry Christmas tree
Here is a close up of the tree. So I do hope these help for reference if you need to look at something. I have broken it down for each step.
The paper sizes, for 1 tree you only need to cut one of each square, starting from the bottom 3.5” x 3.5”,  3” x 3”,  2.5” x 2.5”, 2” x 2”, 1.5” x 1.5”, 1” x 1”.
1 2 3
 4 At this point you have folded your paper in quarters.
 5 This is the one that is a little tricky and it was hard to take a picture it only one hand. You need to use two hands and push in on the middle, I hope you can see that I’m doing that
6 7
until you have a triangle, you want to make sure all the folds match and when you open the paper it will look like the one on the right.
8 9
 10 Putting you finger at the tip and fold the one side into the middle then turn and fold the other side into the the middle so the match.
 11 12

  This is the finish bottom layer.   
Here I want to show you the placement of the finish layers. You always add the layers under the layer above. So just add a little glue to the top of the bottom tree and insert the tree. Do not glue any other parts of the tree down as you want the tree to be full. You can now glue or tape your tree to your card.
You can make your tree with solid card stock and decorate it with all kinds of small things. Use different patterns or just use one pattern. It is your tree lets see what you can do with it.
Thanks for joining me. Let me know if you make one, I would love to see what you do with your tree. I hope this has helped you if you try one. Any questions let me know and I will help.
Hugs, Patricia