Monday, February 28, 2011

A Valentines Card from my Dad

valentines from my Dad

I made this card for a friends (man) daughter for Valentines day. She is 12 years old, so I asked him a couple of questions about her trying to figure out what kind of a young lady she is. What is her favorite color, is she a Daddy girl, is their anything she loves to do? As you would know Dad do not know anything. One thing I found out is she is not a sweet little Daddy girl so I showed him this image and he said perfect. This is an image from The Stamping Boutique store. The image is called KK. When I’m just making a card no problem but when I’m getting paid to make a card I want the card to be very nice and for sure I want the person to like it but when I do not know the person it is really hard. I have know ideas about her. Her father said to me just make your magic, and I said Oh thanks! So I wanted to make it special one she would not be able to buy at the store. So I though a step card that is different and most girls like purple she is a little to old for pink, so purple it will be.valentimes from my Dad right  

This is the left side view. I sure hope she was not a tomboy. So I added some purple and white flowers and the leaves are ribbon. I had some more of my beaded hearts, they look pink but they are a little more lavender.

valentines from my Dad left

On the right side I found some heart embellishments in shades of lavender and light lavender so I glued them on. I had a charm that had the word LOVE on it so I put a fishing line one it and hung it from a brad. I also found some purple heart brads. I put a ribbon a long the front and tied a bow. So now I find out that The latte Lounge is having a challenge for a Card from The Stamping Boutique with an image made with flowers that ends March 3, so I think I will enter her. I do not know why, I never win anyway but I will try. They also have another one going on At The Stamping Boutique Challenge Blog that is a month challenge and you make a card with one of their images and you can enter that challenge, WOW!!!

valentines for my Dad close up

Here is the close up. I used copic markers to color. I do need to tell you she loved her card, her Dad told me she took it to school to school and had to show all her friends.. I was so glad.

Thanks for stopping.

Hugs, Patricia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Having Fun

having fun

It is time for Cards for Men Challenge. Our theme for this time is “WATER”, you need to make a card that has something to do with water and that would be for a man. My images is called “ Trevor Turtle”. So I have him floating in some water and I did color the background with my copics and I put Diamond Glaze from Judi Kins, them I put some white Liquid Applique’ to make a wave affect. Remember when you get your card done you need to upload it the Cards for Men Challenge Blog.

Start date: 28th February 2011
End date: 13th March 2011
Theme: Water
Sponsor: Hope Jacare
Prize: 3 images of your choice.
Blurb: I'm a SAHM with three young children. I trained in Textile Design at the Glasgw School of Art and I love all things handmade, but especially paper crafts. I love to doodle ... and my doodles are available to purchase as digital images through Stitchy Bear Stamps.

My journel imagine close up

Here is a little closer look, I also added some Diamond Glaze to the turtle belly, eyes, feet nails and hand nails (I think that is what you would call them).

My journey imagine lower end

I do not know if it helped I did cut the turtle out and made my so called water and then tried to make some waves and then laid the turtle on top.

Thanks for stopping. I hope you had a wonderful week end. It just started snowing here not sure how many inches we are going to get but I sure am tired of looking at snow. The snow is the real big fluffy flakes that are real pretty. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Sentimental Sundays- Anything Challenge #44

Hugs, Patricia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maisy and her Easter Basket

maggie with her easter basket

We are starting a new challenge at Squigglefly starting today Feb 28 and ends March 6. The challenge is to USE YOUR SCRAPES. Not a problem on my end I have lots of scraps and I'm sure a lot of us do. My image is from Squigglefly it is called “Easter Basket Maisy” and was created by Diane Carubia. If you would like to see the other images you can click here on it will bring you to the store. My little girl is colored with copic markers. I added some ribbon, metal dots, and a butterfly sticker. Here is the close up.

maggie with her easter basket

I think she is so cute. I did the background a little different this time. I dotted my copic markers all over until I was happy with what it looked like.

Thanks for stopping.

Hugs, Patricia

Monday, February 21, 2011

We had club last night and I want to share the cards.



We had Club last night we had for our challenge to make something using only black and white. This is not my favorite thing because I love colors so much but ok. This is what I made, it is called THE BOX and I’m going to show you how to make this BOX.  I want to share with you what the other girls made, all their cards turned out beautiful and I’m going to try and keep this short.


This one here Chris made. The paper was just beautiful.Lee

This one is Lee’s card. She always teasing me because she calls this a Pat’s card. I love to embellish my cards and Lee said she had a Pat moment. I just love her, we have so much fun. She did a beautiful job.. She is also my best fan….


Here is Kathy card. I do have to tell you she stamped her card with celery ends. Turned out wonderful. Kathy is very creative.


Here is Jo’s card. Wonderful job, I love it. Jo is very new at stamping and she does a fantastic job.


Here is another one Chris did.. We go to Chris’s house once every month. She has a craft room in her basement to die for. You could live in it. She has everything you need. We all bring food and we are their for the entire day and most of the evening.

After we make our cards we always have some kind of project to do each one of us takes our turn. It was Kathy turn this month so this is what we learned how to do. I’m not going to get into how to do them but if you are interested I can do an How to in another post just let me know, because if your are not then I will not do them.


These are so easy to make and where a lot of fun to do.


Most of the girls are a lot faster them I am because I am too fussy and I drive them crazy.


They got done a lot more them I did but that is fine. Now on the top you can see I used some of them on my box, they sure look pretty and if you make them smaller you can put them on cards. So we had a really good time together, we always do.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful week. Now I’m going to show you How to make the BOX.

Hugs, Patricia



Blogger Award"

And this was given by my wonderful Shirley from nanieflash. Shirley and I have been friends for awhile now we are both on the design team for Cards for Men since it started and I love her dearly, she is from the UK and I want to thank her for this, right Shirley?. This is not my favorite thing to do is pass theses along. I hate not passing them because some people really look forward in getting these awards and if I miss you I’m sorry Please forgive me. Do not forget to post the award on your your blog.

As you can expect to receive this award you've got several rules and these are as follows:-
Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award

7 random things about me...

1. I hate having to pass these Awards on as its difficult to give it to no more than the Award Allows. (I’m leaving Shirley first #1 right here)

2. I really do not like to cook any kind of food. Many years ago I was a chief at a restaurant here in town it was a pretty fancy place and I was the head cook and I hated it, was so glad when I got out of that job and I sill hate to cook.

3. I LOVE to teach people I guess my calling in life was to be a teacher but I did not know that when it mattered.

4. I love to Bird watch. Birds are very interesting. I could watch them for a long time and enjoy every minute.

5. I also love to garden and grow flower and watch them grow.

6. Pictures, my hubby thinks I’m crazy I love to take pictures of so many things.

7. Help people and animals and I will leave it at that.

That was not easy to do, I can think of lots of things but they are just stupid things.

1. Holly Young

2. Helen Dooley

3. Mandy

4. Stephanie

5. Pauline

6. Chelsea

7. Vicki

I do hope girls you will accept this award and enjoy it. I will be back a little later, I do have a post to do but I wanted to get this done.

Hugs, Patricia

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lilies and Hummingbirds


Lily and Hummer 2011

I made my card for a challenge at Color Creative Classroom, if you have never heard of it it is a forum for people that work with copic markers and they have a challenge that goes on about twice a month. Each time we have different Sponsors, all of our Sponsors are  wonderful. We even win prizes. This time our theme was FLOWERS and these challenges are not easy one. The girls the are in Color Creative Classroom are really fantastic artists. Our Sponsor for this FLOWER Challenge was Tiffany Doodles and she offered 10 free images to the winner of the challenge. WOW!!!! That is a lot of images. To my surprise last night I went on to check the cards and I found out the I WAS THE WINNER!!!! HONEST I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! LADIES THEIR ARE SO MANY BEAUTIFUL CARDS ENTERED AND I WON…. YAHOO!!! THANK YOU.. THANK YOU… I CAN NOT SAY IT ENOUGH. I”M SO HAPPY… I’M DOING THE HAPPY DANCE.  I went over to Tiffany Doodles and picked out 10 beautiful images. She has some wonderful images in her store, I love her flowers and her birds are stunning.

 Lily and Hummer close up right 

Here is a side view, you can see that I made that card 3D. You also can see that I added the Stamen and Pistil, how I did that, I took wire and colored it black cut them in small pieces bend the ends a little and added Alieens Tacky glue a small amount on the ends and used black flower soft.

lily and hummer left

I did pull out my magazine Birds and Blooms and found a picture of a Hummer and it really matched up with the picture I found. Here is a closer look.

lily and hummer bird 2011

Suzanna Dean also offers ONLINE classes for copic at Color Creative Classroom.

cmcadlogo1 She has classes for beginners to advanced. Just clink on the link if you want to check it out. Suzanne is a fantastic teacher so if this is something you have been thinking about go over and take a look at what Suzanne offers. It might be just what you are looking for.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week end.

Hugs, Patricia

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Honey, You look great today.

you look great today

We have our challenge for Cards For Men. This is a image by Bonibleaux Designs. The sponsor for the challenge is One Stop Crafts. You need to upload your image to Cards For Men Challenge Blog.

Start Date: 14th Feb 2011
End Date: 27th Feb 2011
Theme: Recipe challenge - use 1 image, 2 papers, 3 embellishments (could be 3 different or 3 of one thing)Sponsor: One Stop Card Crafts
Website:  £10 gift voucher


At One Stop Card Crafts we have a big range of ever changing discount card making and cardmaking craft supplies.We are always adding to our range of craft supplies which are ideal for making handmade greeting cards, do-it-yourself invitations scrapbook pages, altered items and much more.

Our card making craft supplies include free UK postage* and our popular discount scheme and quick service means our customers keep coming back for more.

Our prices are very competitive and this makes us an ideal place to buy your cardmaking supplies online.


you look great today close up

Here is my close up of my image from Bonibleaux Designs. It is called “Every day Hero Evan” There images are so funny. They make great cards for men. I so sorry for posting this late my son is really sick and we had to spend a couple days at the hospital with him getting all kinds of tests, scans, blood work and now they have him on an antibiotic drip for an infection he has in his stomach. So I’m hoping this helps a lot because the doctors are talking about surgery.

Thanks for stopping, stay warm and have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Patricia

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here is another challenge I missed

it is a new day

This one was For Fun Challenges and today is the last day you can enter the challenge. Being sick sure can mess everything up. I still wanted to share it with everyone. This week we have a sponsor and you have the opportunity to win a prize.

And here is the wonderful prize. This will go to 1 winner.

Although Little Scraps of Heaven (blog) and Little Scrap of Heaven Store have such wonderful images, and so many wonderful things to choose from, Tricia made us some REALLY SPECIAL IMAGES for our challenge this week. I DO THINK THAT WAS SUPER NICE OF HERE AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CARD USING THE SAME IMAGES YOU CAN GET THEM FREE AT  Little Scrap of Heaven.
This weeks Challenge-
Its a you pick challenge meaning you decide on which challenge you would like to do. We had the challenge for groundhog's day, you could decide if its 6 more weeks or winter or spring. Of course I picked the spring image.

it is a new day butterfly

I added a butterfly but some Stickles used star dust and dark blue. It is a Spellbinders die cut.

it is a new day butterfly

I used this sentiment it says “It’s a new day”.

it is a new day close up

Here is the close up of my Mr Hedge Hog.

it is a new day inside of card

it is a new day inside

I stamped the words Happy Spring and added some flowers to the bottom of the inside of the card. I’m sorry I am so late but I will not be for the weeks challenge.

Thanks for stopping. I do hope you enjoyed my card. How about those PACKERS??? What can I say I am a Fan…

Hugs, Patricia