Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Hanging around with my friend Rex….

Just haning around with my dog Rex

Memories, Oh how this brings back so many memories! Can you believe summer is almost over? The kids go back to school next week, already. That is what the theme is for this fortnightly challenge at “Cards for Men” is Long Summer days and the sponsor is Phindy’s Place digi stamps. Phindy's Place digi stamps

This is one of her images and I just love it, it is called “Just hanging”, please stop by and check out some of her images she has some wonderful one to choose from. You can click right here. The challenge starts August 30, 2010 and ends September 12, 2010. DO NOT forget to download your card to “Cards for Men Blog”. So you have a chance to win some of Phindy’s images.Just hanging around with my dog copic markers

These are the copic I used to color my image. I really did not do a lot to the card, added some doggie embellishments and green ribbon. Layered by card stock and that is about it. Her images was so easy to work with.

Phindy was a really sweet person and she sent up several images, I like then so much I did another one.

Me and My Dad

Me and my Dad

What can I say, I just love it. I’m sure if you come by my blog you know I love doing images like this one, so what can I say. That little boy looks so happy and proud of his Dad for spending the time with him. Do you think so? Me and my Dad left

I added a bottle of sunscreen and a couple soda’s so they would have something to drink. I think that is the mom in me. The bird is a sticker, thought he would be fun. My clouds I made out of felt. You can get felt with sticky on the back so I cut some out that look like clouds and placed then in the sky. What you think, do they look ok?Me and my Dad right

On this side you can see the stickers better, the fish and I think they are star fish are foam stickers. On the bottom is some anchors in different colors, they were buttons. The little boat was a button also.Me and my dad markers

These of course are the copic markers I used to color, Me and my Dad. Remember both of these images are from Phindy’s Place so if you would like to see more stop by and check out her images.

As always I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was not feeling to well but doing ok now. As always I wish you to have a wonderful week that will bring you all kinds of inspiration in creating new and wonderful cards.

I had a person email me and ask me “How do I come up with so many different creations? She had spent some time looking at my cards and could not believe all the different kinds of cards I have done. I tell you that was one of the hardest question I had to try and answer, I told her and I’m sure it was no help at all… I sit down with my images or stamp and I take a good look at it and I start to get out my colors, as I’m coloring ideas start to come into my head and I start thinking about paper, embellishments, thing I have that will work with what I’m doing. This is really hard, I can say I have NOT put to many cards in the garbage because I could not get them to work. I really have no idea. Just let you creative juices flow!

Happy Creating Everyone!!!!

Phiney challenge- going green ends Friday 17th Challenge #22

Hugs, Patricia xxx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Owl, Who are you?

Mr Owl

Who am I? said the owl, who should ask that question? It is I, the boy behind the trellis. Why is it that you want to know? say Mr. Owl. You look so beautiful sitting there on that tree I thought you might be someone special, said the boy in a soft voice. The Owl said in a loud voice SPECIAL OF COURSE I’M SPECIAL AND SO ARE YOU COME OUT SO I CAN SEE YOU!!! Just as he said that the little boy ran fast away and he never came back again, Mr Owl should of never talked to him like that, because he scared the boy away. If Mr Owl had talked to the little boy nicely maybe he would of stayed and we all could of met him. How sad for Mr Owl, maybe he will come back again someday. If you would like to meet “Spook Owl” he is over at Squigglefly he is one of our NEW images that was released this week and the artist is Laura Campbell and I understand she is one of our new artists.Mr owl markers

These are the copic markers I used to color Mr Owl.

Mr Owl right 

I did used several punches to created this card. EK border, Autumn Leaves. Martha Steward, garden trellis and fond punch. Stampin up, oval and scalloped oval. Marvey Uchida, small oak leaf and Tim Holtz Alterations sizzix elegant flourishes. I do hope you can see all the punches. I also put some ribbon. The stamp I used for under the owl is a Stampscapes stamp. I’m sorry I do not know who made the thinking of you stamp. Mr Owl left

I do hope you can see how I left the leaves so they look 3D. I did cut the owl out, I thought he looked better that way. With all the leaves around him. He is so pretty. I also was thinking of making his wings 3D but then I thought maybe I was getting a little to much.Mr Owl just owl

I’m sure some of you ladies are getting to know me pretty good now and I do not have a problem with getting a little to much… I LOVE embellishments!!!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail…. But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, “Darn… That was fun!”

Happing Creating Everyone!!!

Hugs, Patricia

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiny Emma has a surprise today and so do I!

Tiny Emma flying

I would like to introduce you to one of Squiggleflys NEW images her name is “Flying Fairy” the artist is Ravi. Has done a wonderful job creating this little girl, That my Emma just loves, so guess what her name is?? You got it! I have to call her EMMA!!! Just to make a little girl really happy. You know how it is with the grandkids, they are our life long dream and we can send then home to Mom and Dad. Tiny Emma fairy was flying and she was spreading all her fairy dust all over the land, she was looking so pretty. As she was making everyone so happy with her fairy dust and keeping Tiny Emma Fairy very happy, NOW YOU LADIES BETTER NOT LAUGH! IT GETS EVEN BETTER.WAIT! I was cutting her out with one of my Spellbinders “The Big Scalloped Oval Large”, I used glitter paper behind her, I ripped it and added stickles glitter glue to the edges were I ripped so it would sparkle “Star Dust”, also added some “waterfall” stickles to her wings to pretty then up a little. After all when you are 4 years old we love everything to sparkle. I made a flower in the upper right corner out of tear drops from The Ronin’s Nest (baby) collections. Added three pretty pink brads in the left corner and some sparkle ribbon and made a bow. Thought I was done. Emma says Grandma (she is my artist to be) and he opinion is very important say do you think her eye needs a little sparkle and I thought why not it is all black so we can add a little white. Tiny Emma fairy markers

First I want to share with you the copic marker I used on my Tiny Fairy. Now if you would like to check out any of the NEW images that just came out this week and this is one of then. Just click here and take a look.Tiny Emma with black eye

Now it was just a tiny bit of white but that tiny bit of white was to much so I tried to fix it and I waited for it to dry and I gave her a black eye. Emma says, Mommy Grandma gave Tiny Emma a black eye. I said Emma come here Grandma will fix it. I could not believe that happened. Now what? So this is what I did. Tiny Emma New look

I made her Fairy dust sun glasses. When she is out flying around she will need to have her sun glasses so she will not get fairy dust in her eyes and it will help keep the sun out so she can see every where she has to go. Emma thought that was a great idea and so did I! What do you think? That was some fast thinking… to keep a little girl happy, what Grandma’s will do!

I ask Emma when someone says something really nice to you, what do you say back to them? She thought for a few moments and says I do not know. What would you say grandma? All you need to do is look at then and say THANK YOU.

Happy Crafting everyone!

Hugs, Patricia

Monday, August 23, 2010


pocket card

This week Challenge at Squigglefly is to make a Diagonal Double Pocket Card. Here are the directions. You can do it, it is not that hard! This is for out Challenge #63, You need to download your card at our Squigglefly Blog click here and it will bring you right to the blog and you can see what all the other design team members did and it might give you some ideas.procket front

This is how the front looks before I but everything together. I added some embellishments. The BOO! images is one of Squigglefly images, the Artist is Mark Hicks. If you would like to take a look at any of Squiggleflys images, you can click here and take a look we have some NEW released ones you are going to love. The tree and the pumpkin are buttons.Tag pocket

Can you guess who this is??? It is called Shy Bear Ghost with Pumpkin it is another one, the Artist is Lynne Stansberg. How can you not fall in love with this little guy? I just added a sticker and his tag.pocker copic markers

These are the copic markers I used to color my Shy Bear Ghost with Pumpkin. I also added some Stickles glitter glue called Star Dust. To give him some sparkle.pocket set

With the other Tag I added some sentiments and a little spider to make it a little spookier, sorry I do not remember who makes the stamps. Punched a hole in the top so I could add some fibers, to dress it up a little.pocket inside

Now when you pull the tags out some of them open up. So I added a couple more stickers to dress the inside up and typed a little sentiment on then.

Sorry it been a while, been busy as life goes on. Hope everyone is doing fine. Been making several different cards.

Someone said to me and I find how true it is.

A True Friend can go for long periods of time without speaking and never question their Friendship. These Friends pick up just like they spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or far apart they live. A True Friendship will never die!

To me how true that is!!

Happy Stamping!!

Hug, Patricia


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is what dreams are made of.

Many of days like today (2)

I wanted to share this one with you. My friends gave me for my Birthday by the way was in April, a Copic ABS/ Airbrush System. They never know what to get me and my friend and I were talking and this is something that I would never buy for myself so it was a perfect gift. And it was!!!! I just love it….

copic air set

I used the air can very little it made me feel guilty because it holds so little air and it cost so much. So I saved up my money and I purchased an Air compressor. 2 gallon, 1/3 HP from Menards, you can get then at any big hardware store in your area. I waited tell it was on sale and I paid $59.99 for mind. My son and my brother helped me. Now I can use all the air I want and I do not have to feel bad and it will not be long and it will pay for itself. Not you can not just buy a compressor you do need other things. So if you are things about this I would do some research on it first or take hubby with you or you son, some one that know a little about this kind of thing. Because I do not. I one copic shows is wonderful but I’m not going to spend what they want for there's. I got everything for under $100.00. Now that I have said all of that I can get back to my card. It is one of Squigglefly images. It is called “Gone Fishing” and the designer of the image is Teresa Ward. She is fabulous artist. So of course with as little experience with an airbrush that I have what do I try to do? Is do a scenery card….Many of days copic

Here is the close up of the card and I really do not think it turned out pretty good. I do think I over did it on the white a little but I was trying to have some waves but other then that I think it turned ok for using the airbrush on the background. I did color in the boat area with my copics.

I also tried something a little different with my clouds. I cut out some felt and tried to make then look like clouds and I glued then on the sky, and I think it worked so I will try that again.

I wanted to let you know with the compressor I have, so far colored white flowers, even tipped light colored flowers with a little darker color,  white ribbon, metal,  beads, and I am still playing. In the future I will share with you some of the things I do with the compressor so you can see some of the things it can do and we will have fun with it. If you know of some things that can be done let me know so I can try it. I have a great day tomorrow.

I know it all. I just can’t remember it all.

There are THREE kinds of people- those that can count and those who can’t.

Happy Crafting!!!!

Hugs, Patricia

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I’m feeling a little witchy tonight..

feeling a little witchie right side

Who ever thought I would being doing a Halloween card this early! Not me!!!! This is one of Squigglefly’s NEW images, that was released this week. It is called “Witches Moon” if you should look for the image. It is one the Cherly Alger one Squigglefly artists designed. If you would like to read some about Cheryl you can go over to the store and click on Artists and read all about her. She is a very talented lady. Then while you are there you can see more of the NEW images the have been released this week.feeling a little witchie markers

These are the copic markers I used to color the witch. I also used Tim Holtz Distress inks, mustard seed, stormy sky, tumbled glass, and broken china for the background for the witch. Signo Uni-ball White ink. Star beads. Rime stone half moon. Some Suze Weinberg’s Pure Glitz Sequins,  gold, purple, silver, black, and white. I used a friends Spellbinder for part of the background and I can not remember what it was called (sorry!). I punched out some ghosts with a punch I have had forever. Are they not cute or what? I do not know if you can still get the punch. ^..^ sorry said the kitty cat!!! The saying not sure but I think it is a Hero Arts stamp.feeling a little witchie side

Oh! I almost forgot… Did you notice her broom? I had one of those little brooms and I thought it fit perfect behind her butt… The paper I used is from The Angel Company. Were I stamped Happy Halloween I did distress the sides so it would not look like a new sign, I wanted it to look old. So this is my first Halloween card for the year. ^..^ You better watch out there might be another one coming soon or maybe not you will just have to wait and see.

“If God had wanted us to touch our toes, he would have put them on our knees”.


Happy creating everyone!!!

Hugs, Patricia

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are doing it again at Donna’s Den?

You may ask what may that be? I bet you know  the answer! This Challenge we are doing is “Something Sweet”, I know I’m sure you could go for something like that right now. Couldn't you? One of my grand daughters favorite things is cupcakes but do not let her fool you it really is the frosting.  I did look to find one with frosting all over her mouth but I could not fine one but tomorrow we are celebrating her cousins  Isaiah birthday and I’m sure she will have frosting all over herself. She is my cupcake girl. 

Emma age 4

She is my little artist. She wants to grow up and color just like grandma. So she can make cards for Donna’s Den of Crafts. Remember Donna is always getting NEW things in the store so it would be nice to stop by some time and check out what is new,

something special

I do not think there is a  name for the kind of card I made. I have never seen a tutorial for making it. Standard size card 5 1/2” by 4 1/4” . So you would cut your card stock 8 1/2”  by 5 1/2”, Next you would score in on each side 4 1/8” and fold to the center. They should somewhat meet. To cut the front, I folded my card backwards and slipped a small cutting matt in between the card stock and measured up and down 1 1/2” and from the sides I measured 1 inch in and then drew a triangle and cut that out.something special a little open

This is how it looks when you start to open it up. Now on the front for the sides you will need to cut two pieces of scrapbook paper 2” by 5 1/4”. To get the right dimensions for your triangle, I took my card and measured the triangle and added 1/2” on to that and cut the middle out. I stamped Happy Birthday all around, I used a Stampendous Stamp. Now remember when you put your scrapbook paper on cut out where your triangle will be. (If you would want the hole in the front of the card to be a little bigger just change the measurements).something special half open 

Because of the dark background I put a liner in the back and stamped a cupcake, trying to center it so it will show through the window when the card is closed. Stamped make a wish, these are from Hero arts.Something Special open

This is what the card look like when it is all open. You can do more it you want, it is all up to you. I would love to see what you do……  We need to get back to Donna’s Den of Crafts.  Here is the prize you can win, it is a sheet of rubber stamps.

The Challenge starts August 9 and ends August 22, 2010. So you have time to make “SOMETHING SWEET” is the Theme. Upload your card to Donna’s Den of Crafts Blog. I want to thank all of the girls that have been doing all of the challenge. We sure have some wonderful cards and very talented girls that do the challenge all the time.

As always if you have any problems trying to make my card please let me know and I will try and help you. I know sometime my instructions are not real clear but I do try.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Be safe.

Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live like crazy today!

Hugs, Patricia

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Rock My World!


I did it !!!! I did it!!! I did it!!!! Now I want to do the silly dance and jump up and down….First I’m so happy my brother and his wife came up from Texas, you have no idea what BIG help they where for me on my computer problems. I’m doing everything on my laptop now, we are still having problems with our main computer but everything works just fine on my laptop and I have EVERYTHING backup. Ladies let me tell you I have over 8GB of just images, How many do you have???? If you do not have then backup some day you will really be SORRY. Please do it for yourself go down and pick up a drive, we spend all this money to buy then and it will take seconds and you could loose everyone you have. DO BACKUP!!!!

I’m so sorry I did not get to posted on Monday morning but Friday I came down with something and it just knocked me off my feet. I have been doing a lot of sleeping. I have been so SICK. I do not know if something is going around or what. I’m starting to feel a little better but I’m still going to take it easy. 

I sure hope that is it for me for a VERY LONG TIME. I have had enough craziness in my life in the last month and it is going to STOP. I just love all my friends Thank you so much for understanding and waiting for me. I love you all.

Let talk about Cards for Men we have another challenge #16 that has already started. We have a wonderful Sponsor and I bet you could not guess who that might be??? Remember to upload your card to Cards for Men.


This our first time with Squiggle Stamps so we want to give them a big welcome.  They will be sponsoring Challenge #16 – Off on an Adventure.  The challenge runs from August 2nd thru August 18th. So you have lots of time to get your card in for the challenge and be able to get a chance to win those 5 images. You can make so many wonderful cards for a young  boy in your life. Tracey from  Squiggle Stamps has put together all these  cuties?


you rock my world too

My little guy is called “You Rock” I colored him with copic markers and these are the colors I rock my world too copics

Used Spica Lipstick,pitch black and red. Also Gelly Roll clear star. , PI had some brads music notes and guitars. Music ribbon The saying is a stamp from Hamptom Art  I used the Cuttlebug Allegro embossing folder for the background. I cut the image out with the Spellbinders Large Octagons, I used two sizes.  Here is the close up of my coloring. Do you see his red hair?

you rock my world  copic class

I do have some good news, I did get to go to my copic  certification class. It was a wonderful day. The class was right next door to the CHA Building in Chicago and I did not even know that. But now I know where the CHA is in Chicago is and I did not know before. I only live about 45 minutes away. IS THAT GREAT OR WHAT????

Hugs, Patricia