Saturday, December 26, 2009

~~~~THE PLAY~~~~


First of all, all of the images are from The Stamping Boutique. This was really a fun card to make. I love doing things like this. The little girls name is Audrey and she has these brothers (triplets) can you think about what her little life woulds be like having these 3 brothers that just love there sister so much and will not leave her alone and of course want to be everywhere there big sister goes and most of all there sister is in this play!!! Would you not think that they would not want to be part of that??? Of course they would... So who do you think gets to the stage first? Now AJ is the one brother that is to be on stage because he has to tell everyone about Audrey but when she comes out what does she see???? Of course who does she call for but "MOM!!! THE BOYS ARE ON THE STAGE!". But it is to late.
Now is this not a fun card?

Hershey Bubble bath

I just had to do another one with Hershey in the bath her is so cute. I colored him with Copic markers, added some liquid applique put a little glitter on it and heated it so it would puff up like bubbles. Used some Glossy Accents to look like water was on the floor. Added some stickers on the background and some ribbon and a bow. Thanks for stopping by.