Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jumpin Jelly Beans

jumpin jelly beans

We had our K-Town Stamper Club meeting this passed week and I wanted to share with you some of the things we did. Carol designed this card for all of up to make. She did a great job. The jelly bean cards she was able to get at the Jelly Belly out let store we have in town. We are some what blessed we have a Jelly Belly Factory in town so we can get all kinds of Jell Belly things that you might be able to us on a card. What a fun card to make.

We also did some magnets. Teri created these magnets sets that we all got to pick from and them put them together. She had punched out so many different designs, so we had all kinds to choose. I made the gift and of course I got on for Emma my cup cake girl but I have not put hers together yet. This coming week end is Aiden’s birthday and he will be 9 years old so I thought I would give him the gift one as something a little extra.madgets Magnet set

After that I put together some cards we could make for the Soldiers. So that is how we finished our evening out. It is always a nice time getting together with the girls. We work so wonderful as a group. So we made more plans for the year and if I can I will share then with you as the month go by. These are the cards I put together for the soldiers. I hope you enjoy them, very simple and NO GLITTER.


Valentine for Soilder 3

Valentine for Solider 1

Valentine for Soilder 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful week end and will have a great week.

Hugs, Patricia ♥