Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cards we made at The Diva's Stamp Club

Here is Lee's Creation. What is so nice is how everyone's card is so different. I just love that.
This is one of the really strange way to introduce some of my friends cards. At club we had several girls that did not make it this month. So if you are just starting to read this you might want to start at the button of the page. You will understand as you read.

Same here is Created by Kathy P. and we all put the card together and made it our card.

The upper card was created by Kathy K. I have to tell you what a great idea she did she ran out of ribbon so she put the ribbon she had left on her printer and copied it and what looks like ribbon on my card is the paper she copied it on. I think the copied ribbon looked better than the ribbon and was so much easier to work with.
Now the card above was created by Jodi. I colored it and lkayed it out the way I wanted it to be.
The lavender card here was created by Chris. I colored it and layed it out the way I wanted it but Chris created the idea for the card.

Also as I'm adding the cards it looks like I'm doing this backwords, sorry about that. As I load a picture it put it on top not under, so I guess I will be doing it that way for now. Boy, my life has turned upside down.

I really have now Idea how these is going to turn out. I upload on Windows Live Writer and imports everything to my blog after I have everything entered.

At the stamp club we all create a card and bring everything so the other girls can make the card also. We do not color then, we just give idea on how we would do the card and bring the stamps and we do the cards as we would do them. We spend pretty much the hold day together. We all bring something to eat and we eat good. Then we do some things that we have not done before or some of the girls have not done. We have a lot of fun and it is good to get together with friends.

These are the cards I made but I could not decide if I like brown pearls or the white pearls in the middle of the butterflys so I made two and let then decide what they liked. I did not think to take pictures of how the other girls cards turned out.

The way this turned out is why I like using Windows Live writer. I do not have any of these problems.
Hugs, Patricia ♥ ♥