Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Award from My Friend Shirley


My wonderful sweet friend Shirley thinks I should have this award. I can understand some people might think I have an attitude problem but I hope they think it is a good one. I thank you Shirley for the award. I need to tell you 3 things that make me different. After I do that I have to send this award off to 5 different people and then I will received a $5.00 Gift Certificate from Digi’s with Attitude. Here is their store  Challenge blog and can sign up for their newsletter.

Three things different about my self.

1. I love my friends, my friends mean a lot to me. You will know if you are my REAL friend if when we talk and their is no fake stuff we both can tell it like it is. I have a lot of friends some are so so but my REAL friends, I will do ANTYTHING FOR.

2. I’m a very organized person. I like being that way. When things get crazy I have to STOP and get things back in order so I can do my crafting. I would say I pretty much know where everything is in my craft room and house. My have a large craft room and I have LOTS of my supplies.

3. Love to share with others. What I have and the knowledge of things I have done and I learned.

My five people that I’m sending this Award to are Kym who is one of my dear friends, Donna who also has been a really sweet friend, one you can talk to, Heather who I’m looking forward to becoming real good friends with, Linda who I only meet a couple of times but have had some real fun with and Jane who is not a friend yet but I really like her blog.

You will find information here to find out how to claim your gift certificate. Remember you need to display your badge on your side bar.


Patricia ♥ ♥  ♥