Thursday, May 22, 2014

Create with Metal

Create 2014

I’m really happy to be able to post The Outlawz Twisted Thursday challenge on time. The challenge is always Anything goes but if you do the Twist you get double chances to win the prize and the Twist for this week is all about Tin Foil/Metals, add some to your card or do a project.  I do want to share with you the the past cards I have made but had no time to put them on my blog.  I love working with metals and foils there are all kinds. I do have many of the tools, they help you make all kinds of different textures and that make working with the metals a lot easier.

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I started a journal a long time ago. None of the pages are finish. I still want to add different embellishments. You can follow any kind of patterns, used stencils and stamps. One important thing is after you have finished your project you need to add a filler paste to the back of the metal piece you made. Like the butterfly is puffy (not sure if that is the right word) you need to fill in all areas so the metal will not flatten.

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The class was done by the artist name Magdalena Muldoon and she has an awesome book out called Metal Embossing workshop. If this is something you would like to look into here are the ISBN-13:978-1-4027-2444-2 and there is another number ISBM-10: 1-4027-2444-6. The publishing company is Sterling.

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I started to add some colors to the foils. My copic markers work perfect for adding colors on the different metals.

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Here are a couple videos first one is working with Tin Foil

This one is adding colors, but I used my copic.

This one below I worked on when I was in Austin,Texas. My SIL Georgianna has all the tools and metals. Several years ago Georgianna and myself took an  8 hour day classes for 2 day. The cowboy boot is a stamp and so is the horse. Used the tools to make all the other textures. I did not do so good on the words Texas Hugs.

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So happy to be home and posting to my blog. I have missed everyone. Little about Georgianna, she is doing much better. She was in a wheel chair when I went down and with working with her she is now in a motor chair and can get around the house much better, still can’t get in the kitchen. She has therapy 2 times a week and she is really pushing herself. Her core of her body is getting stronger and they are working on leg movement. My brother Bill has gotten a lot of things done so he has more time to be with her. I stayed longer then I had planed but I had to stay as long as they needed me. Thanks so much for stopping by and be thankful for every step you take.