Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where in the World? Tutorial Diamond Origami fold card

HBA 2012 open
HBA 2012 front closed
Remember your card can have any kind of theme. Your finished card size is 4.50” by 4.25”.
12” by 12” sheet of firm Pattern card stock but not super heavy because they do not crease well.
Matching card stock

Score Pal
Glue or tape
image or stamp
Directions: 1. Cut the 12” by 12” pattern card stock to 11” by 11”. Lay your paper on the score pal, with the pattern side down and using the guide on the top and the left fold diagonally as shown in the photo below. Burnish the edges with the score tool.

2. Line up the folded edge of your paper to the top of your score pal and score at 3” and the 5.50” mark. Then flip the card stock over and do the same thing on the other side. Press firmly with your score tool as you will be going though two levels of paper. Score inward see below.

3. Line your card stock with the point facing the left edge and what I did to make it easier is I marked the 3.50 “ with a pencil lightly  by folding the 5.50” under the card on one side and flipped it over and marked the other side also and used my ruler to burnish the score line. See below.
You will fold that fold forward. Once that is done your card should look like this.

4. Look at the corners on the folded top you will see a small triangles on each side you need to cute those off.

Now it looks like this with all your folds and your corners cut.
5. We can now going to making the origami folds on each side of the folded corners but your fingers in between the two layers of paper and push the paper up to create a diamond shape, repeat on the other side.
You have all the folding done. Making sure all your edges match, if you do have and area that is not perfectly folded carefully trim those edges so that all your edges match because now we are going to start gluing or taping everything together. You make the card once and you will see how easy it is.
Please read this part first because if you do not have this right at this point you will have to start all over again. I know because I did it wrong and I had to start all over again. This is not hard but it is a matter of you knowing where you need to put your tape or glue.       
6. Open your card and tape or glue your card LOOK AT THE SAMPLE DO NOT TAPE OR GLUE THE AREA OF THE LEFT ORIGAMI FOLD.

I do hope you can see where I have written NO TAPE in the picture. As you are folding the card together carefully start at the center fold. This is the only tricky part.

make sure your right side is left open and does not fold together before you press the tape down because you want that to fold in as a diamond. See below.

As you fold your card together you will have an envelope shape with a diamond on the right side and a untapped diamond on the left as a place to hold down the top.
HBA 2012 front closed 

Now your basic card is finished and you can decorate any way you want. This is what I did with my card. I do hope you enjoy my card. You can also use it as an envelope and seal the front origami fold and mail it or give it to that special person.

HBA  2012 front right
Here is a couple of side views of the front of the card. That is Tim Holtz rosette and I added a flat button to the front of it.
HBA 2012 top upHBA 2012 front open

HBA 2012 open rightHBA 2012 open left
HBA close up

My image is from Cheryl Sesler Designs and the image is called fourth of July bear. I colored my image with copic markers. If you need to view my pictures just click on them and they will enlarge so you can see them much bigger.
Happy Birthday America markers

This is what the back of the card look like.
HBA back
I really did not add a lot of embellishments. Used 6 star brads 2 red, 2 blue and 2 silver them cut ribbon colors red, white and blue and added a different color star brad to each of the ribbons. Used some scraps of red and blue paper for the center cut them 4.25” by  4” and  4” by 3.75” and the image is cut 3.75” by 3.50”. The diamond folds are 2”.