Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is what dreams are made of.

Many of days like today (2)

I wanted to share this one with you. My friends gave me for my Birthday by the way was in April, a Copic ABS/ Airbrush System. They never know what to get me and my friend and I were talking and this is something that I would never buy for myself so it was a perfect gift. And it was!!!! I just love it….

copic air set

I used the air can very little it made me feel guilty because it holds so little air and it cost so much. So I saved up my money and I purchased an Air compressor. 2 gallon, 1/3 HP from Menards, you can get then at any big hardware store in your area. I waited tell it was on sale and I paid $59.99 for mind. My son and my brother helped me. Now I can use all the air I want and I do not have to feel bad and it will not be long and it will pay for itself. Not you can not just buy a compressor you do need other things. So if you are things about this I would do some research on it first or take hubby with you or you son, some one that know a little about this kind of thing. Because I do not. I one copic shows is wonderful but I’m not going to spend what they want for there's. I got everything for under $100.00. Now that I have said all of that I can get back to my card. It is one of Squigglefly images. It is called “Gone Fishing” and the designer of the image is Teresa Ward. She is fabulous artist. So of course with as little experience with an airbrush that I have what do I try to do? Is do a scenery card….Many of days copic

Here is the close up of the card and I really do not think it turned out pretty good. I do think I over did it on the white a little but I was trying to have some waves but other then that I think it turned ok for using the airbrush on the background. I did color in the boat area with my copics.

I also tried something a little different with my clouds. I cut out some felt and tried to make then look like clouds and I glued then on the sky, and I think it worked so I will try that again.

I wanted to let you know with the compressor I have, so far colored white flowers, even tipped light colored flowers with a little darker color,  white ribbon, metal,  beads, and I am still playing. In the future I will share with you some of the things I do with the compressor so you can see some of the things it can do and we will have fun with it. If you know of some things that can be done let me know so I can try it. I have a great day tomorrow.

I know it all. I just can’t remember it all.

There are THREE kinds of people- those that can count and those who can’t.

Happy Crafting!!!!

Hugs, Patricia