Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The time of the year, when true colors come out.

A little bit of Fall

I wanted to share this card with everyone before I sent it out. I made it for my brother his birthday is October 20, I really have a lot of birthdays this month. My brother is pretty special to me. He is a little more then a year younger then me, so we are pretty close in age. We were raised in Upper Michigan so I was trying to capture a little of what it was like were we lived. We lived around Iron Mountain, Norway area if you know a little about Michigan and in the back hills it get really beautiful and even a lot more full of color then is in the card. I do think he will like my card, most of the time when he gets a chance to see them he really likes my cards but unfortunately we do not get to see a lot of each other as my brother lives in Austin Texas and I’m in Wisconsin but we had a wonderful visit this summer for a couple of weeks. I did do this on watercolor paper. I used several kinds of inks. To start I did use my sponges to create the background and then I started to add the stamps. The stamps are mostly from Stampscapes but there are some from other companies. I do hope you enjoy my card. I took just a couple of pictures from out my front door to share with you some of the colors we have here in Wisconsin.

colors of Fall 2010

yellows of Fall 2010

just outside the house 2010

Wow! When you put them next to the card. It is really hard to capture those colors on paper. So bright and beautiful! The only thing is that they do not last very long, the wind and rain come and blow the leaves away. Have a great week everyone.

Hugs, Patricia ♥ ♥ ♥