Sunday, March 8, 2015


Dress 2015
Sorry I’m so late posting this, we have had several family members stopping by this week and not staying long so time was cut short. I wanted to give you the pattern and tell you how super easy this is to make. The Twist at Twisted Thursday is to make something and use texture. So I thought I would use material and I found this awesome material in all different colors. How I did the background is I used glossy paper and I added watercolors to it and for my inside background I did the same thing. 

Dress 2015  r
These are the views of the card.. I used Beacon adhesive Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive (Love this stuff) it is really thick so I thin mine out with a small amount of 100% acetone. The Fabri-tac work great when you are are working with material, lace, ribbon anything that is like fabric.

Dress 2015  l
Fabric-tac even to hold things on the material.

Dress 2015  i
I want to tell you, I’m so sorry how bad this picture turned out. All the other pictures where fine but this one.

I wanted to do a couple of the dress with paper and what is nice is you can use your scrapes. First I used my light box and copied the patterned on the back of a piece of paper and that work just fine.

Cut it out. You need to remember the straight lines are mountains and the dotted lines are valley's.


So then I took out so gridded template plastic (I use that a lot for my patterns) and thought this might be easier, so I made a pattern. I think it was easier but if you do not have any I would not go out and buy any. So I cut out another dress.


So this is one of the dresses I cut out. You could also cut the top in a different color and way you want it. You could use real fancy paper add some ribbons be creative. I did all the folds.


You can click on the picture and save as and you will have the pattern.


This is what it looks like when I was kind of done. I have not put the dress on a card yet.


This is the other one. I used beads on this one. Used some beads to look like buttons. So they are fun and real easy. Not sure if I was going to make a card might do something else, have any good idea?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your week end was good. Weather was real nice got rid of some some and it is going to be in the 50’s all week and that sounds pretty good to me. Hope your week is good.




Donna said...

Pat, this is stunning! Great texture and it looks easy to do. Thanks for showing us how. Love the material you used. Have a great week! Hopefully it's warming up a little where you are.

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Pat!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Jaw-dropping amazing! When I saw your creation on the Outlawz with you fabric dress, I was so impressed. Gorgeous work, Pat. Thanks so much for sharing the template!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Wow. Patricia, when I saw this at the Outlawz I was stunned. What a beautiful work of art. I love the background you did too. Please tell me you are going to frame this one. Way beyond gorgeous.

Kym Weber said...

Simply stunning! Gorgeous card!

Donna Hanley said...

This is one amazing card, Pat. I love the colors in your background and that dress is fantastic. Thanks so much for the tutorial on how to make it, but I think this one is above my talents. Even though I do not think I could make this dress I can think of a lot of possibilities for it. Have a good day.

*Vicki* said...

Such a cute idea!! I can see the possibilities with this dress for several different occasions! Thanks for sharing your beautiful design! HUGS

Lisa M said...

How WONDERFUL this is!! Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial too. These vintage style dresses look just amazing and especially atop your wonderful watercolor background. I thought you said that you used "BACON" adhesive and I got so excited!!! LOL....But then realized you said, "BEACON"....hahaha!!
Lisa x

Pia S said...

The dress has a real wow factor, Pat! I love it! And the other dresses as well. Thanks for staring this template!

Penny Odell said...

I just love this card Patricia!!! I did not know you could use water colors on glossy paper. I have only tried alcohol inks on it. I have to go and try this technique!!! You are so creative. That dress is gorgeous. Thank you for the link to save the pattern. Stunning card!!!

jimlynn said...

I'm almost speechless!!!! STUNNING!

Darcy Schroeder said...

Wow, Pat! That is fantastic!! I love that you are so creative and your work is always unique!! Another beauty!!

Donna Ellis said...

wonderful designs, Pat! Thank you so much for sharing how they were created, and the template, too! hugs, de

Janet McLaughlin said...

This is fabulous, Pat! What a great idea! This is so unique and could be used so many ways!

Penny said...

The dress is gorgeous, and so is your card! Really love the beautiful background you created! :^)
And your other two dresses are really pretty, too! So nice of you to share the pattern! :^)
Hugs, Penny
Hey, we are hitting the 90's this week already!!!

Anne Temple said...

Love this!! I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us.