Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My grandson and even Mommy did it, come see what

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Remember this handsome young man. This is my grandson Aiden he has been doing something very special for a real long time. He has been growing his hair out. He wanted to donate his hair when it is long enough to locks of love so he can help all the children that do not have any hair. I took this picture in March 2011.

Aidens before cute    mommy back

This picture was taken just before they cut their hair. Now another good thing came of Aiden’s idea Mommy said that she would grow her hair out as well. So Aiden is on the left and Mommy is on the right.

aidens front mommy front

They both look like they did something wrong, put it was the other way.


aidens cute hair after

This is the cut after it is all done. WOW!!! Look how long Jessica’s hair is and look how think Aiden’s hair is. Aiden’s was 12 inches long and Jessica’s was 24 inches long plus they cut a couple more inches off to make a style for their hair.

mommy and aiden

So mother and son look really good after it is all done and grandma is so proud. I could not ask for two more beautiful people to be in my life. I do have the most wonderful family anyone could ever want and bless then all. So proud to be a grandma♥♥♥

Thanks for sharing my story.

Hugs, Patricia


Linda Palmer said...

Pat, what an awesome thing for them to do. I have a friend that does that every 3-4 years. She is a stamping friend I met on WishRAK. You have every reason to be proud of them. Congrats!

Roxann said...

They both look beautiful! My husband did the same thing raising money for the Children's Miracle Network and then donating to locks for love.

Marie said...

What a wonderful story. You should be so proud of them. And they do look wonderful in their new hair styles as well.
With love n hugs

Sarah said...

What a truly wonderful thing to do xxx

Nannieflash said...

Wow Patricia Im not surprised you are so proud of them what a generous thing to do for those little ones that loose their hair. Stunning they look now, love your grandsons curls. hugs Shirleyxxxx

charlene said...

That was really sweet of them to do and they both look good in shorter hair too !

Sandy said...

Such a wonderful thing to do Pat - my 13 year old granddaughter did the same thing a couple of years ago and now her younger sister is growing out her hair to send.