Monday, July 25, 2011

Sharing Things.

Marianne Walker CHA Chicago 2011 First I wanted to share with all my friends that I had a chance to meet Marianne Walker at CHA in Chicago on Friday. I stopped at the Splitcoast booth and was talking to one of the ladies. They where at sharing with everyone the copic makers and Marianne NEW Beginners Book. I have hoping that they had her one on Shadows and and Shapes but they did not because I would of gotten that one. I was telling her how much I liked Marianne work and if it was not for her I would of not learned the beginning things because where I live their is no one that teaches copic classes. So I had read all her blogs called I Like Markers. On her blog she tells you where the next Certification class is going to be, so she keep you up to date on that. As I looked up and I see the name on the girl standing right in front of me it is Marianne Walker. All I could think of is I hoped I had said everything nice about her and I’m sure I had. One of my favorite images she did was this guitar, I loved how she did the shadow on it and her coloring is outstanding. Then she also had her books with her with many picture of her work. She is a very talented person.Besides that very nice, friendly, and easy to talk too. I would of loved to of Spent more time with her but we had to get going. I really did enjoy my time with you Marianne and thanks for sharing things with me.

Hugs, Patricia

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Holly said...

oh you lucky, lucky girl!