Monday, February 21, 2011


Blogger Award"

And this was given by my wonderful Shirley from nanieflash. Shirley and I have been friends for awhile now we are both on the design team for Cards for Men since it started and I love her dearly, she is from the UK and I want to thank her for this, right Shirley?. This is not my favorite thing to do is pass theses along. I hate not passing them because some people really look forward in getting these awards and if I miss you I’m sorry Please forgive me. Do not forget to post the award on your your blog.

As you can expect to receive this award you've got several rules and these are as follows:-
Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award

7 random things about me...

1. I hate having to pass these Awards on as its difficult to give it to no more than the Award Allows. (I’m leaving Shirley first #1 right here)

2. I really do not like to cook any kind of food. Many years ago I was a chief at a restaurant here in town it was a pretty fancy place and I was the head cook and I hated it, was so glad when I got out of that job and I sill hate to cook.

3. I LOVE to teach people I guess my calling in life was to be a teacher but I did not know that when it mattered.

4. I love to Bird watch. Birds are very interesting. I could watch them for a long time and enjoy every minute.

5. I also love to garden and grow flower and watch them grow.

6. Pictures, my hubby thinks I’m crazy I love to take pictures of so many things.

7. Help people and animals and I will leave it at that.

That was not easy to do, I can think of lots of things but they are just stupid things.

1. Holly Young

2. Helen Dooley

3. Mandy

4. Stephanie

5. Pauline

6. Chelsea

7. Vicki

I do hope girls you will accept this award and enjoy it. I will be back a little later, I do have a post to do but I wanted to get this done.

Hugs, Patricia


Anonymous said...

AWW!! You're so very sweet hun!! Thank you ever so much!! HUGS

Holly said...

Thanks so much Patricia!

Mandy said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me...I'll get my thinking cap on and post later in the week...
Mandy x

Sara said...

Awesome tutorial Pat! I will be printing that out so I can give it try in the future! I love tutorials like this one! So please continue to do them if you would like! Have a wonderful day! Happy creating! Sara