Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Lady bug and My bumble bee.

Bugs 1

They did turn out kind of cute. As you can tell these are my first one I have made and I was surprised they turned out as good as they did because I really did not know what I was doing. I do think I like then with more rings in the middle and I thought of a couple more ideas. I did not quite have the right ribbon the lady bug should have red with black dots but I only had red with white or black with white dots. Now for the bumble bee should be black and yellow .Bugs 2  I did not just have black, so the black and white worked for now. I also did not have satin ribbon in white but I had it in light blue. I wanted to try a softer ribbon for the wings and the worked.Bugs 3 This way you can see then in all angles. I also want to try and do a butterfly and a dragonfly with ribbon. I added a little flower on the sides of there heads. That is optional.

Bugs 4 This week end, I hate to say is my birthday and it is a BIG one, I will be turning 60, I never thought I would ever see 60. When you are young boy 60 sure did sound OLD and now I am there. I'm find with it and I feel if this is what 60 feels like, I'll take it, it is 20 time 3 and I feel fine. So this week end I'm having some of my stamping friends over for some good food and cake and lots of fun because when we come together my hubby says he is leaving the house and will be back later, so I thought I would like to show then how to make lady bugs, bumble bees, butterflies and dragonflies. When I get this mastered I will share it with everyone on How to make them. Maybe I will take some pictures of the girls with there bugs and share them with you. I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful week. We got some much needed rain and everything is all turning a beautiful green and the buds on the trees are coming. The beauty of new birth.